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Burried Treasure

Mullein Mint 2floz.

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In the realm of natural remedies, few herbs have captured the attention of wellness enthusiasts quite like mullein. Enter Buried Treasure Mullein Mint Drops, a liquid supplement that harnesses the power of mullein in a convenient and easy-to-use form. Refreshing Mint Flavor -While the thought of herbal supplements may conjure images of bitter concoctions, Buried Treasure Mullein Mint Drops offer a refreshing twist.  Infused with mint flavor, these drops provide a pleasant and invigorating taste experience, making them a delight to incorporate into your daily routine. Renowned for its potential respiratory benefits, mullein has been used for centuries to support lung health.


  • Enjoy Easy Liquid Use: Discover the ease of incorporating mullein into your daily wellness routine with Buried Treasure Mullein Mint Drops, designed for straightforward consumption or as a delightful addition to hot tea.

  • Experience Minty Fresh Taste: Unlike traditional herbal supplements, our Mullein Mint Drops offer a refreshing mint flavor, enhancing your wellness practice with a pleasant and invigorating taste.

  • Leverage Centuries-Old Wellness: Mullein has been revered for centuries for its supportive properties in respiratory health. Embrace this time-honored herb in a convenient, liquid format, making ancient wellness accessible today.

  • Benefit from Highly Concentrated Formula: Each serving delivers 200mg of potent 10:1 Mullein Extract, equivalent to 2000mg of pure mullein leaf. This alcohol-free solution provides a powerful approach to supporting healthy airways.

  • Transform Your Herbal Tea Experience:Easily transform hot water into a soothing, mullein-infused herbal tea. Our Mullein Mint Drops offer a unique way to enjoy the benefits of mullein, perfect for relaxation and respiratory support.

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