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Natures Sunshine

VS-C Capsules

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VS-C helps the body maintain a vital yin-yang balance. As a metal (Jin)-enhancing blend, VS-C is designed to promote connection and purity according to TCM…to nurture the lungs (Fei) and large intestine (Da Chang), the two organs associated with the metal element. The large intestine lets go of toxins and waste while the lungs breathe in fresh air to nourish the blood and exhale additional toxins.

VSC Traditional Chinese medicine may be used to prevent and combat infectious diseases and relieve symptoms including fever, inflammation, muscle aches, pain, respiratory congestion and swelling. VSC is best used as a preventative measure but can also be taken at the first sign of symptoms and throughout illness. 

VSC can be used to combat pathogenic ( disease-causing) microorganisms that cause bacterial and viral infections including the common cold, dysentery, food poisoning,  influenza (flu), respiratory infections and hepatitis. VSC may also be helpful for Epstein-Barr Virus (mononucleosis) HIV Virus, malaria, typhoid fever and herpes simplex virus type 1.

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